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Garden Pebbles and Stones in Melbourne Make an Excellent Bark Mulch Replacement

When crafting a garden, there are many choices to make. How big do you want your garden? What should you plant? How do you protect your harvest from pesky wildlife? Many strategies and steps go into preparing a garden. One often overlooked step is the material used to mulch the garden.

Mulch is made up of materials that are beneficial for your garden. They help keep moisture in the soil, manage the temperature of the ground, make it harder for weeds to grow, and other practical elements. They also make your garden look more beautiful, adding a decorative touch to your landscaping. While some people choose bark for mulch, choosing to buy garden pebbles for your Melbourne garden can be an even better choice.

Garden Stones are Superior to Bark Mulch

When you buy garden pebbles, it may cost more up front than buying bark. Over time, however, the garden stones are a more cost-effective purchasing decision. Bark breaks down and decomposes over time, requiring you to buy more of the material to get the same mulching benefits. Certain types of bark also attract insects as they decompose, bringing pests into your lovely garden. You can buy garden pebbles once and know that they will last forever, and won’t attract pests. In the long run, you will save money choosing the stones over the bark.

The visual appeal of garden stones also lasts longer than bark. As time goes on, the beautiful colour of bark fades away and turns to a less appealing dullish gray. Polished garden pebbles will retain their shimmer.

Bark is also more susceptible to the elements. Heavy rain or blustering winds can easily damage or relocate the bark, requiring you to get out the rake and remove the blown pieces from the lawn. It is much harder for garden pebbles to be moved by inclement weather.

The maintenance of garden stones requires less work than bark. These stones are suitable for anyone, as they do not need any special skills or knowledge to maintain. You can quickly clean and apply them without any training or assistance.

Find Gorgeous Garden Pebbles for Your Melbourne Garden

We (Allyson and Willy) run our pebble company as a business partner duo. Our company, Exotic Pebbles, works to give you the best in pebble selection. Our warehouse provides a showroom, so you can come visit to view your options. Anything can appear good online, and it helps to see the pebbles in person to get a feel for their colour and shine.

Every pebble is tumbled, meaning it is smooth and lacks any jagged edges. We offer the largest range of A-Grade quality pebbles. Our selection includes stones from around the world, as well as 100% recycled coloured Australian glass.

We are happy to answer any questions about pebbles that you may have. We pride ourselves on being flexible to fit a customer’s needs. There is no minimum order quantity, making it easy to get the right amount of pebbles for your landscaping project.

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