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Buy Landscaping Pebbles in Melbourne that Are Safe to Walk On

If your family includes children, your biggest priority when landscaping is safety. You want to create a visually enticing garden of course. You want somewhere that guests will love lounging about with a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day. You also want somewhere the kids and pets can play without worrying about accidently hurting themselves.

Cheaply produced Landscaping pebbles can often come with sharp edges or bumps. These may not seem like a big problem, but they can cut bare skin or an animal’s paw. You may save money if you buy cheap landscaping pebbles, but the extra stress trying to ensure no one accidently enters the area is not worth it.

Buy Landscaping Pebbles for Your Melbourne Home that are Family Friendly

At Exotic Pebbles, we take pride in the value of our products. Each of our many landscaping pebbles is either tumbled or tumbled and polished. This means they go through a production process that leaves them smooth with no jagged edges. You can place them in your garden knowing it is safe for your kids or pets to walk on them. Some people even use them to make a decorative path specifically designed for walking.

In addition to being designed for safety, the pebbles are of the highest quality. At Exotic Pebbles, we have grown over the years to offer the largest range of A Grade quality landscaping pebbles. Many of our pebbles are imported from around the world, allowing you to add some attractive decoration to your home. We also offer 100% recycled coloured Australian glass. Whether you choose domestic or imported pebbles, you can rest assured that they are gorgeous and allow for eco-friendly landscaping.

Get Design Advice When You Pick Landscaping Pebbles for Your Melbourne Home

Deciding on a style of landscaping pebbles can be challenging. There are so many types of pebbles, colours and ways to arrange them. After searching the internet for hours, you can be left no closer to designing your dream garden than when you started.

Talking to the staff at Exotic Pebbles can help get you closer to completing your project. We work hard to keep up to date with the current trends on the market, searching out new products and ways to style pebbles. We know the landscaping industry well and are happy to help you design your dream project. To help you get a sense of our products, and have sample packs that we can post out as well as a showroom you can visit.

When you call us, we can talk you through the design process and estimate how much you need and suggest the best product to meet your individual requirements. If you buy in bulk, we are happy to offer you a bulk discount. It is all part of our customer service and desire to impress.

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